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LV. Net is a leading ADSL provider in Latvia with its headquarters in Latvia. Founded in 1994, LV. Net has expanded to become one of the major telecommunication companies in the Baltic delivering internet (fiber optic), Digital TV, and telephone services to both households and corporate entities. As of 2022, LV. Net currently has more than 300,000 customers and is steadily building its fiber optic network, which is currently connected to more than 730,000 households in Latvia. This internet service provider has fiber-optic technology that can deliver up to 1Gbps speed and an unlimited data plan for all tiers. It also offers 24/7 customer service to the clients, using both Latvian and Russian languages. Main services offered by LV These are some of the main services offered by the LV company; are broadband internet services using both fiber optic and copper, IPTV digital television, virtual PBX business phone and solutions, SMS, data center solutions, and more, which can be provided for Internet users at home and businessmen. The company also maintains its state-of-the-art data centers within the country of Latvia. LV. Many awards have been won by Net due to the various services that it offers and the good customer care services that are offered by the company in the current years. This idea is because LV. has been experiencing constant growth and development that entails expansion of its infrastructure. Net’s vision is to support Latvia with modern telecommunication services into the distant future. It is for this reason that the company stands ready to be a part of Latvia’s evolution as it moves closer to becoming a highly connected society, heavily dependent on the internet.

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