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LUS Fiber is a broadband fiber optic internet service provider that operates in Lafayette, Louisiana. It is a company that is owned by the Lafayette Utilities System and is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the people of the region get the best connection to the internet. LUS Fiber provides fiber broadband internet connection plans for residential and business customers with up to 10 Gb speed, which ranks this internet service provider at the top most fastest internet service in Louisiana. From the simple plain Vanilla package which provides 10 Mbps for email, surf the Web and other low bandwidth applications to the full-service 5Gbps for high bandwidth applications LUS Fiber has it covered. Perhaps the most significant is the fact that LUS Fiber uses an all fiber optic connection. Fiber optics means that data connection is faster and more dependable because information is sent through the use of pulses of light in fiber optic cables. This leads to smaller latencies, faster loading times, and less buffering than if they used copper cables as in the past. This is achieved through local site visits, competitive value proposition which includes local customer service and technical support teams, a strong network, and coverage to all the Acadiana parishes families, businesses, schools, hospitals and all other institutions may require. LUS Fiber connects Lafayette to the future of Internet services provision marked by faster speeds and greater functionality.

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