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LTD Broadband has been providing internet connection services in many locations. As a result, LTD has adopted the state of the art technologies to ensure that internet service provision is as a result of our promise of delivering fast internet speed of up to 50Mbs, 100Mbs, 200Mbs, 500Mbs and 1Gbs depending on our packages. If you require simply a plan for browsing the internet, checking e-mails or any basic usage then LTD Broadband offers that and if you require a high bandwidth for gaming, streaming, smart homes 4K videos and more, LTD Broadband has got you covered. Plus, with no commitments for months or even years and free installation, signing up for LTD Broadband’s fiber internet is easy. LTD Broadband boasts of quality customer service and the availability of round the clock technical assistance just in case when you experience difficulties with connection. Current plans and offers of LTD also consist of internet security suite, parental controls and WiFi range extender to achieve a complete Internet solution. Therefore, if you are interested in getting an Internet provider that will grant you fast connection, good service, and several options for subscriptions, then LTD Broadband should be the provider of your choice. Especializa-se em fornecer internet de alta velocidade fibra ótica para residências e empresas, e conheça a internet com os olhos aos grandes nos serviços…

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