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LocalTel Communications is a regional ISP company, specializing in providing internet connections of broadband speed in the midwestern states of the USA. LocalTel was established in 2002 with the aim of providing internet solutions for residents of rural areas and has expanded to cover over 100,000 residential and business clients in five states. Today, LocalTel commissions and manages its own local fiber optic and fixed wireless networks through key relationships with major national network carriers. The company’s vision is to offer an internet connection that has limited contracts and data limits to make sure LocalTel clients are always satisfied and not facing hidden charges. Regardless of whether you need entry-level access for basic web browsing and email, or a more extensive package with symmetrical gigabit connections for streaming or online gaming, LocalTel offers affordable solutions for all. Business services are well-rounded and offer stable solutions such as static IPs, VPN networking, and WiFi management. The customer and technical support is fast and always available 24/7, and it is located locally in the area at LocalTel. As LocalTel Communications’ mission remains to bring affordable Internet to as many low-income households as possible and their every employee remains a true enthusiast and expert in their craft, the company is to persist in their efforts to eliminate digital inequalities in their corner of America.

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  • Fiber

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