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Lobo Internet Services is a regional Internet service provider that have are providing broadband internet connectivity in several cities of the South West part of the United States. Lobo was founded in 2002 in Albuquerque New Mexico, Lobo has focused on offering affordable and reliable internet services to the residents and commercial entities. Having a fiber optic connection to support its operations, Lobo offers download speeds of up to 1Gbps with no restrictions on the download volume or slowing down of the connection speed. If you are in need of just simple internet connection for purposes such as checking emails, Lobo has that option for you, but if you are a business person, you may require a large business plan for your operation of servers, which Lobo also has. Major services provided by Lobo include high-speed Internet, fiber Internet, DSL for rural areas, phone/TV, and business connections. Business services include fiber connections, calling plans with unlimited bandwidth, and managed Wi-Fi for businesses. Free instant messaging support by chat, email or by phone guarantees that any obstacles are reported and resolved as soon as possible. Currently, the rates offered are quite fair and Lobo presents itself as the best local option for home and business internet needs in New Mexico as it ensures customers of reliable high-speed internet across the communities it serves which are left out by the larger providers.

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