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KwiKom Communications is a cable company that provides internet services in some areas of Kansas and Oklahoma. They employ the most advanced network technologies including Fiber Optics and Fixed Wireless to ensure that they offer their clients fast and reliable connectivity to their homes and other businesses. Launched in 2012, KwiKom has focused on the provision of broadband internet to areas where this resource has been scarce due to the absence of good infrastructure. It means they are increasing their coverage area more and more, allowing more families have Internet connection and all the benefits it brings. When it comes to internet, KwiKom fiber internet offers customers up to 1 Gbps download and upload speeds with fiber. The high speeds enable several connected device to stream HD videos, gaming, videoconferencing and other applications without occurrence of delays or interruptions. At times when the consumption is most intense, the fiber network remains well-equipped to offer stable connectivity. For the customers who are not to find KwiKom fiber services, fixed wireless plans provide download speed up to 100 Mbps without contracts or data limits. Their wireless network is a point-to-point radio link established from the towers to a home antenna. As a company that is devoted to delivering fast connection at a fast pace, KwiKom opens up the rural areas like never before. It keeps expanding the coverage to ensure that the division between urban and rural in terms of access to technology is bridged.

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