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Kayenta Technologies is an ISP company that was established in 1999 in Illinois and they deliver fiber-optic internet services to the residents and business persons in the north and the central region of Illinois. The plans offered therefore include up to 1Gbps with no data caps and these are perfect for households with multiple people or devices connected as well as firms that cannot afford any interruptions in their internet connectivity. Unlike some of the other major cable and DSL providers, such as Qwest and Comcast, Kayenta owns and operates every fiber optic line that runs through its system and it has more direct control over providing services to its consumers. This means that its network architecture is designed in a way that eliminates areas of vulnerability that may lead to network breakdowns. This company also impresses with an individual approach to each customer and making a local call center; when a customer contacts one of the three 24/7 support centers in Illinois, he or she speaks to a Kayenta representative. As a company with a mission to deliver fast, unlimited fiber internet speeds to people who do not currently have them, Kayenta is growing its geographical reach annually. The company’s fiber optic cables network has been laid down in excess of 5000 miles across the state. While currently focused on Peoria, Bloomington, and Springfield, the company’s plan for the next ten years is to expand and provide high-speed fiber internet for rural Central and Southern Illinois to help alleviate digital disparities.

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