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The Internet is one of the most significant technological advancements that has brought change to the way people, businesses, and organizations communicate across the globe. The use of the internet, starting in the last decade of the 20th century, gave people the freedom of instant communication across geographical barriers as never before. The internet is particularly a medium of communication through, email, instant messaging, voice or video calling apps, social media sites, etc. . These modes of internet communication have contributed to the feeling of the world being more interconnected because one is able to connect with friends and families, work with colleagues, access information and media, and share knowledge with others . Internet communication has also enabled political movements, to disseminate news in an instant manner, engage in work, and learn in a remote environment, among other things. Newer communication possibilities in terms of availability and speed, together with fresh modes based on AI, VR, and even more arising, unify the whole world while constantly changing how it is done. Thus, there is more potential for improving the level of communication and sharing of ideas between cultures as access to the internet increases around the world. In general, one can state that the constantly advancing internet has established an unprecedented level of connectivity that has influenced our communications and connectedness in society.

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