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IV is a regional ISP that has been based in Central California with its customers since 1995. Established in 1990, they provide quality, high speed Internet connections to residents and commercial users in several rural counties. As a fixed wireless network and fiber optic connection service provider, IndianValley offers broadband internet at an amazing speed of up to 1Gbps, ensuring that customers can video call, stream high definition movies, among other functionalities, without worrying about buffering or lags. Whether you need a cheap and simple 10 Mbps package to check the emails or the business fiber internet package of 1000 Mbps to handle a home-based business, they have the internet package you require. The IndianValley community is committed to serving their community; this company is an exclusively owned regional business with offices in central California, Fresno County. They have a team that is wholly based in the region, which makes them seize the potential and risks that exist when living in rural areas. Being an important high-quality broadband provider, contributes to the communication of friends, families, businesses, schools, and medical centers in the rural area of Central California.

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