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In rural Illinois, the Illinois Valley Cellular, or IVC, provides connection to the internet with higher speeds. Utilizing the Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution technology, IVC offers wireless broadband internet at up to 25 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream. This makes IVC a perfect solution for people living in rural zones who have no access to cable or DSL internet. IVC internet plans are not costly and, depending on the plan, may range between $39.99 per month for 10 GB, as seen on the Basic plan. To cater to the needs of users requiring more data, faster connection speeds, or more devices connected, there is the Plus plan with 20GB of data and the Premium plan with 30GB of data. The good thing is that all existing IVC plans do not involve any contracts, and therefore, you cannot be locked in for the long term. When you partner with IVC for your rural internet needs, you will be provided with esteemed Midwest based customer support and tech support. Their coverage area is still expanding, as can be seen in the following: Although the speeds of this IVC Internet may also differ depending on location, tower overcrowding, and other factors, it helps to provide a stable connection to rural inhabitants. Whether it be the simple act of searching the internet or streaming the latest movie or TV show, or working remotely, IVC is committed to bringing better service and connectivity to the heartland of Illinois. IVC is a relatively easy-to-understand concept, and given the few choices of internet for rural areas, it makes sense.

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