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IEC is an electric utility cooperative which operates in Illinois and serves rural communities as a member-owned organization. Over the last few years, IEC has embarked on undertaking projects that entail developing broadband fibre internet to provide its members with the same. Similar to many other cooperative, IEC does not offer internet service for the purpose of the profit but rather to meet the necessity of families and business located in rural areas who have been deprived of the access. That way, IEC provides Internet connection with speed going up to 1 Gigabit per second, which is as fast as what can be accessed in larger cities. What we have seen is that IEC has been able to establish a modern fiber optic network that is efficient since it utilized its existing electric infrastructure of poles and wires. The benefit as members they can now be able to access high speed internet through IEC, at the same prices as the urban companies. This will help provide work from home jobs, online education, remote equipment monitoring, precision agriculture, and more to drive development across central and southern Illinois. Proud of its roots as an electric cooperative, IEC remains focused on enhancing its internet services and deploying more fiber networks to prepare rural Illinois for a digital future in the 21st century with respect of cooperative principles. Thanks to fiber optics, the IEC has made high speed, affordable internet a reality in many areas.

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