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Our company, ICON Technologies, is an internet service provider located in the Midwest. Established in 2005 as a telecommunications provider, the company initially offered broadband internet, such as fiber optics, to regions that were not served by the large providers. For the years, it has laid fiber cable to many miles of tens of thousands of customers and has become the prominent internet service provider in some Midwestern states. Some of the plans offered for home use are the ICON Technologies home internet plans that go up to 1 Gbps. Their fiber network means they can offer near-instantaneous connections for very low latency and reliable connections at any time of the day. All price packages include and Internet connection with no limit on monthly usage, and technical support is available at any time. For businesses, ICON Technologies offers business Ethernet 10G fiber Internet connections and other services such as hosted VoIP phone systems, business WiFi networks, and IT support. The company has always aimed at providing its clients with prominent levels of customer attention and quick responses, and being a local company, ICON Technologies has always valued these two factors most of all. They can easily locate local technicians, diagnose problems, and deploy them quickly for rectifications. ICON Technologies seeks to harness the best gaming, streaming, and working from home experiences through its internet service for households and companies operating within the regions it operates in. Thus, the developments in technology will not pose any threat to ICON since they will ensure that the connectivity required by communities is provided.

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