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Our internet service provision has been perfected with our high-speed i3 Broadband internet plans that suit your needs. This company offers bandwidth options from as small as 25Mbps and as high as 1Gbps catering for light to heavy internet usage. The ‘25Mbps package is ideal for those ‘light users’ as it provides sufficient speed for browsing the Internet, sending emails, using social networks, and watching standard-definition videos. While using the internet for usual activities like browsing, watching videos occasionally, or downloading occasionally, the plan of 100Mbps is quite satisfactory. Such 250Mbps or 500Mbps plans are ideal for power users as well as business families having multiple devices to support 4K streaming, online gaming, and smart-home connectivity. The most expensive plan is the 1Gbps Fiber Optic and this plan will provide the user with the fastest Internet connection that is provided by fiber optic cables for large families and high-end users. One of the main selling points presented by i3 Broadband is the absence of data limits – you can download as much data as you wish with no overcharge or rate reduction. All plans include the i3 Broadband modem/router that offers a quick internet connection with WiFi coverage in your house. As for the internet services and the value that can be expected from i3 Broadband, there are competitive prices for the services provided as well as customer support, although the availability of turbocharged plans would guarantee the selection of a plan that would suit the needs of a customer. Unlike the cable internet, i3 Broadband has a faster and more reliable connection through fiber optic technology as and when available. Visit www. i3broadband. com today and explore the range of broadband packages that are just right for your needs and pocket!

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