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HRcom Internet is a regional fiber-optic internet service provider offering the best internet services in rural, mid-western American towns. Established in 2005 through the efforts of local businessmen, HRcom began its activity with the goal of providing the population of small towns and counties in the region in need of an inexpensive and stable broadband connection. HRcom has grown over the last 15 years and now provides fiber-to-the-home connections with the utmost connection speed of 1 Gbps to over 100,000 residents and businesses. Tennant’s fiber network is based on the latest GPON technology to ensure low delay and stable connections even when many people are online. While most large national internet providers are only interested in the big picture changes that will help them profit, HRcom is a provider that aims to enhance the opportunities for connection in many rural areas where options have always been scarce. What’s more, they do not offer subscription services with the long-term contracts that limit customers’ access to high-speed internet and the fixed-price plans. Local customer service teams at HRcom maintain direct interaction with the subscribers to understand the specific needs of the different communities. As technology and the use of the internet evolve, HRcom Internet also aims to continue to extend fiber network access to make it more available to the rural community. Paying for that is their dedication to the delivery of fast and reliable broadband to the area, which has closed the digital gap between urban and rural areas.

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