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Hotwire Communications is a telecommunications firm that offers communications services including internet, television, and telephones to residents and companies. Hotwire is a brand that was established in the year 2000 with its operational hub in Pennsylvania, and it provides fiber optic internet connection with a speed of 1Gbps in some of the regions including Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington D. C. Hotwire’s fiber Internet is also fiber-optic in that it offers both download and upload speeds, making it great for activities like streaming videos, online gaming or running an at home business. There are no promises of ‘unmetered’ internet, no promises of ‘no throttling’ and no promises of ‘no metering’ in the plans that the company offers to the customers. Other benefits you can expect from Hotwire include fast internet speed, dependable connection, round-the-clock customer service, no contract terms, installment charge and affordable combined service for TV and phone. Hotwire Communications targets the market as an affordable fiber option to costly cable companies, providing fairly reasonable price ranges to both individual and commercial consumers in search of high-quality Internet connection. While Hotwire is still relatively limited as an ISP which mostly serves the Midwest, it might attract clients who seek a more local internet service provider that provides personal service while also offering some of the highest fiber internet speeds in return. The company also goes on adding more customers to its 100% fiber optic network and providing high-speed internet services to more persons.

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