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Hoosier Broadband is an ISP company based in Indiana that delivers fiber optic and fixed wireless internet connection in the state. Originally established in the year 2003, the company initially specialized in offering wireless broadband connectivity in non-served or underserved regions by larger telecommunications firms. Now, Hoosier Broadband uses Fiber and Wireless technologies to provide necessary affordable and fast Internet connection for more than 25000 households and businesses in Northern and Central Indiana. Hoosier Broadband’s fiber-optic service provides a connection that can reach download speeds of up to 1Gbps, making it possible to stream all the HD videos the customer wants, play games online, and browse the internet without any interruption due to buffering. The company also provides much-required internet service solutions in small towns through the fixed wireless network offering a maximum speed of 100 Mbps to the rural people. The business services include fiber Internet services that are symmetrical with unlimited data and hosted phone services, all in one package that a business requires to operate in the modern world. Hoosier Broadband being a regional player in the market has understood the importance of contribution towards society and hence actively participates in local events and charity. Their customer service team is located in Indiana, which means that customers will be able to consider help round the clock from experienced staff. Hoosier Broadband manages to provide quality high-speed internet with a focus on the needs of local communities for every demand.

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