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Hilltop Broadband Internet is one of the internet service providers that targets rural regions to provide internet connection services to the residents of the counties in the state. Launched in 2005 by a handful of local individuals who wanted to establish a broadband internet services provider, Hilltop seeks to provide broadband services to areas that are not served or under-served in the region. In terms of download speed, Hilltop is fast and reliable, with a maximum speed of 100Mbps which is ideal for web surfing, watching videos, playing games, and many other activities. They depend on a fiber-optic and fixed wireless broadband network to deliver services right to customers' doorsteps in the farthest corners of the region. All the plans include unlimited data usage and you will be supported by Hilltop customer care, which is available 24/7. To my knowledge, one of the key differentiators that make Hilltop stand out is the level of dedication to customers, which in this case refers to the communities, they operate in. They are aware that people living in rural areas have a difficult time accessing connectivity; this is why they are working hard to close the digital gap. Hilltop is relatively proactive in seeking City governments, libraries schools, and other organizations that it can partner with to extend internet access. Featuring pocket-friendly prices and stable performance, Hilltop is doing much to open new economic and educational horizons in the area. As the world progresses toward the future with the advancement in technology, Hilltop aspires to keep the networks developed to where they are now so that none of the people get left behind.

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