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HWI, or Hillbilly Wireless Internet, is a rural ISP that is situated in the mountainous region of Appalachia, and its scope of operations is to provide wireless broadband connections to residents of small, often remote, communities located in the hills and dales. Hillbilly Wireless was established in 2008 by an Appalachian native named Hank Williams in the Appalachian region of the United States of America to meet the connectivity needs of individuals in rural regions who have limited access to cheap and fast internet connections from corporate giants. Through a network of wireless transmitters and receivers on mountaintops, Hillbilly Wireless provides free public WiFi hot spots, local home service for $9.99/month, and small business internet connections to places in Appalachia where large Internet providers don’t see the need to invest. As a locally owned company with a commitment to supporting the community and local businesses, HWI has donated its services to over 20 rural schools, libraries, businesses, and municipalities with the specification of helping the communities get online and support e-commerce, distance learning, teleworking, telemedicine, and information services for the disadvantaged populations who are living in the digital desert. While still a small company, the services that Hillbilly Wireless provides are important for breaking the monopoly that major internet providers have over the Appalachian region.

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