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GWI Internet is a broadband internet company situated in Maine that provides fiber optic connection in the state with an aim of providing internet services in homes and firms. GWI was started in 1995 and has expanded to become one of the largest locally owned ISPs in in Northern New England. GWI offers download speeds of up to one Gigabit per second through its fiber connection, letting the customers stream high definition videos, engage in online gaming and browse the internet without interruption. They offer customized service packages, with consideration for small and large data consumers. One can also avail services like getting a static IP for commercial use from the providers. GWI’s advantage of using fiber is reliability – their fiber network is designed to have backup paths and self-healing mechanisms to ensure customers do not lose service. They also boast of easy ordering from their Maine based team as well as providing quality customer service. It is also easy to get technicians to attend to clients when there is a problem. For any consumers seeking a stable, fast internet connection that is invested in the well-being of the Maine state, GWI Fiber should be the go-to choice. Being able to offer reasonable prices and focusing on service, they have gained the popularity among numerous residents who would like to remain connected and efficient. Taking into account their development and further scaling over the years, GWI seems prepared for further facilitating internet connection for residents of Maine in the future.

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  • DSL

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