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GTEK Communications is a regional internet service provider company that was established in the year 1998 in a rural area with an aim of providing internet services that are fast, reliable, and affordable to the rural region of the state we are operating in. Since its establishment 20 years ago, GTEK Communications has been delivering broadband internet service, web hosting, and IT services to homes and offices in our neighborhoods. When it comes to speed, GTEK Communications provides a range of speeds right from a reliable 5mbps all the way up to a blazing 200mbps, thus ensuring that you are not knocked offline so that you can work and play online with limited or no interruptions. The gigabit fiber optic network we deploy is one of the most comprehensive in any other market out there today, giving the lowest latency and jitter-free HD video streaming and gaming. Apart from internet services, GTEK Communications also specializes in all aspects of IT solutions such as private networks, WiFi networks, VoIP business phones, security cameras, and others. Local professional geeks offering professional installation, as well as friendly telephone support 24/7 and repair service for all business client networks. GTEK Communications is a firm that, for several years, has been working towards the goal of ensuring that every rural community gets the best and most efficient internet connection. We continue that mission today, by continuing the expansion of our gigabit fiber network to ensure more of our community members can have the connectivity they should.

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