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Grizzly Broadband is a local telecommunications company that provides internet connection in the areas of Montana and Wyoming with high-speed connectivity. Grizzly Broadband was established in 2005 by Stuart and Karen Swallow and Chris and Cindy Dunning and its core business is to provide prompt broadband connection in the regions that were not lucky to have proper internet connection. With fiber optic and fixed wireless connections, Grizzly Broadband can offer up to 1Gbps speeds, allowing customers to partake in activities such as video conferencing, streaming high-definition movies, or accessing cloud networks without the occurrence of any buffering or lagging. Their network is future-proof, built to support the needs of the company now and in the future in addition to the natural barriers of the Northern Rockies region. By offering 24 hours/7 days a week customer support and no contract required, Grizzly Broadband seeks to offer its customers the best and most convenient internet experience for both residential and business clients. They have kept on extending their reach in western mountain towns and rural regions by putting a lot of capital inputs into modern telecommunications networks. Given that connection remains a valuable asset in the current economy in the periods of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond even in rural areas, Grizzly Broadband is proving instrumental in the reduction of the urban-rural digital gap.

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