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GoNetspeed Internet is a company that provides fiber optic internet service to residential and commercial clients at an incredibly high internet connection speed. Based in Rochester New York, GoNetspeed was established in 2020, and boasts a 100% fiber optic network that delivers internet connection with speeds up to 2 Gigabits per second, among the highest attainable. Being a newcomer into the market, GoNetspeed targets the unserved and underserved markets to provide residents with fiber internet while they have been limited to DSL or cable connections. In this way, they can own the whole fiber optic line and provide the customers with the equal download and upload speed as well as the constant support. GoNetspeed internet packages do not contain restrictions like data limit, time limit, annual agreement, and other hidden charges. Their offers include a free WiFi router, unlimited data usage, no throttling of speeds and reasonable charges. They also have a Premium Internet plan able to provide Internet connection with up to 2Gbps and the Basic Internet plan that provides 500Mbps. GoNetspeed, to the consumers and businesses in need of the fast and reliable internet connection and in the areas not fully served by the major players, understands that high-speed internet must be fast and future-proofed through fiber optic technology.

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