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GigaBeam Networks can be described as a fixed wireless broadband provider that offers internet services to homes and establishments in the rural regions. Through, employing very advanced and unique radio frequency bandwidth utilizing technology, GigaBeam can offer broadband internet connection of up to 1Gbps without requiring fiber optic or cable connection. The wireless network of GigaBeam comprises point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios that transmit in the spectrum bands 60GHz and 70-80 GHz which are sparse. These high frequency signals can transmit a lot of data and they have the ability to operate over a number of miles. This includes the transmission towers, which are responsible for linking to the local access points that are installed on houses and other buildings. Consumers who use GigaBeam Networks enjoy gigabit symmetric rates, no data cap, and comparable performance to fiber connections. Whether for a business that needs high speed for work such as video conferencing, online games, or home 4K movie streaming – GigaBeam offers them all. Flexible and reasonable monthly tariffs along with no-contract policy enable GigaBeam to provide internet connectivity to all those people living in suburban and rural areas who often suffer from slow internet connection using DSL, satellite or fixed wireless. Check out the GigaBeam Networks difference and see how we can help bring that kind of speed to your home or business!

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