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GeoLinks is a telecommunications company that has been offering Internet, phone, and technology solutions for firms in Southern and Central California. GeoLinks was established in 2011 and has been located in Camarillo, CA; it has since expanded quickly and has become one of the leading telecom providers of the present time. GeoLinks provides business clients with a wide choice of internet connection options that are flexible to accommodate any kind of business. The fiber-optic infrastructure offers up to 10 Gbps of symmetrical connection speed for quick and reliable operations when it comes to applications that require high bandwidth such as video calling, VoIP, cloud services, etc. Being an emerging telecom provider, GeoLinks has Wireless Broadband Internet for businesses in rural areas where they cannot run fiber cables, and they offer Fixed Wireless Internet with a speed of up to 1 Gbps. As a result of such a robust network and its unyielding promise of serving customers with the best solutions, GeoLinks has become a reliable technology partner to enterprises across healthcare, government, education, farming, and other sectors. These are localized customer support and network operations that are on-call twenty-four-seven to help manage up-time and respond to calls for service. GeoLinks as an up-and-coming player in SoCal telecommunications keeps on offering valuable solutions that are useful to enterprises.

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  • Fixed Wireless, Fiber, Copper

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