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Genesis Wireless Internet is a local company, which provides wireless Internet connection services in rural Midwest area. Genesis Wireless Internet was initiated in 2005 by a group of local businessmen as a company with the vision to offer fast and cheap internet connection to the small and remote towns and farms of the area. To ensure that consumers have access to high-speed internet, Genesis has incorporated wireless technologies and has several transmission towers across the country to offer download speed up to 25Mbps and uploading speed up to 10Mbps, which is enough for video streaming, online gaming, and other activities that require a lot of bandwidth. Genesis is offering its services at affordable rates without data limits and engagements in restrictive contracts, thus ensuring that the people, especially in the rural areas, gain access to the internet without many hurdles. Genesis’s goal is still trying to close the digital divide, with the company increasing the coverage area annually. The company’s local partnerships and investments in public broadband projects have put in place network infrastructure and brought broadband to thousands of homes and offices through its dependable wireless system. With technology growing rapidly, Genesis Wireless Internet ensures its prospects of delivering internet connectivity services that will not only serve the present, but also the future for these neglected rural areas.

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