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GCI Communication Corp is a communications company based in Alaska that provides Internet, television and phone services in the state. Concerning internet, GCI has the internet plans with the download speed of up to 1Gigabits per second and ensure that the Alaskan residents and companies can access the internet conveniently and expeditiously. GCI employs both fiber optic, and fiber coaxial network technology for delivering broadband internet services to more than 100 communities in Alaska. For the rural and remote areas of the state, GCI offers Internet through satellite; hence even those in the most remote reaches of the state are connected to the World Wide Web. Based on the internet plans provided by GCI below, we see that all its plans offer features such as; wifi at home, advanced protection from cyber threats, and technical support at any time. They also offer extra services such as online data backup, home networking help, and block/allow-listing for computers. GCI Communication Corp has been in the market for more than 40 years thus it has all the resources and knowledge necessary to deliver fast broadband Internet connection even in a cold winter and difficult terrain in the state. The internet service provider constantly works to expand their network to provide fast and reliable access to more homes and companies in the local area.

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