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Four Lakes Broadband is a community telecommunications provider offering fiber optic internet services in the northern Wisconsin area. Since its creation in 2020, by a group of residents who joined forces to enhance the internet connection in the area, Four Lakes Broadband now provides fiber optic internet to more than 2500 homes and companies. Four Lakes Broadband offers high-speed internet at 1 Gbps for downloads and no data limits, making it ideal for working from home, attending classes online, streaming content, playing online games, and other activities one may consider crucial amid the pandemic. They have scalability of their fiber optic network that can accommodate higher bandwidth demands in the future. Four Lakes Broadband also always offers great local customer support – all employees of Four Lakes Broadband live in the area and will be always eager to fix all the problems on short notice if any occur. Four Lakes Broadband is a co-op that operates from the local region and has a habit of reinvesting the money it earns into developing and enhancing the services provided. People, who were once restricted by the slow connection of DSL or satellite internet, are now covered by this state-of-the-art fiber-optic broadband. Affordable with no obligation to use the services for three years, Four Lakes Broadband is connecting rural Wisconsin to the lightning-fast internet they need to be active members of the modern world.

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