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FC Connexion is the high speed internet service provider in Fort Collins, Colorado which is owned by the city of Fort Collins. Starting from this year 2019, Connexion seeks to offer fiber optic internet services that is cheap, reliable and has fast access of up to 5Gbps. Also, it has equal download and upload speeds which are fast at anytime you are downloading or uploading files. This makes it well suited to use in, for example, activities such as video streaming, online gaming and working from home. Connexion uses fiber optics which the city has developed over the time and expands to offer broadband connection directly in homes and offices. It is a publicly-owned network that maintains the prices reasonable, albeit still expensive for most consumers, with its gigabit speed plans costing $59. 95 per month, and it does not tie customers with contracts or limit the data usage. Dedication is also dedicated to net neutrality and does not restrict connection speeds or give preference to specific sites. Thanks to the clear, attractive pricing policy combined with great customer care, Fort Collins Connexion offers a municipal internet service aimed at the people rather than revenues. Connexion is the first gigabit internet service owned by the City of Omaha which has become a model for the efficient, inexpensive, and fast community broadband across the United States.

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