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High-speed internet is relatively new in Florida and the government is planning on the way to ensure that all parts of Florida are covered by the internet. Like almost every state in the south, Florida boasts of good weather and beautiful beaches thus making it a great place to live in and visit. Nevertheless, today, some parts of the state still experience the absence of affordable and reliable broadband access. To tackle this issue, the Florida legislators have approved funding worth $400M for the development of broadband initiatives. These state funds will complement federal initiatives to connect underserved rural and lower-income urban areas to high-speed fiber or cable Internet. Some regions that have had limited internet service providers will be able to obtain new companies. Florida is set to benefit in multiple ways once its internet infrastructure is enhanced. The modern generation fiber-optic connectivity enables those with entrepreneurial spirit to launch new ventures online, helps telecommuting employees to have more freedom, and helps patients to access telemedicine services. Even students can study more conveniently with reliable home internet access to educational materials and resources. Higher speeds are also good for smart home conveniences and streaming video and content. As Florida prepares for the future with its internet demands, the state will strengthen its position in becoming a popular choice for residents, employees, and visitors supported by a strong connection.

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