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This year, Florida has been making efforts to improve broadband internet connection for everyone in the state. According to a 2021 report, 580,143 people in Florida cannot access broadband, with the minimum download and upload speeds defined by the FCC. In an effort to close this gap, Florida created the Office of Broadband in 2020 to support and direct programs and finances aimed at providing access to broadband of equal quality and affordability to all citizens. Some of the key broadband access activities undertaken in Florida are the FCC Rural Digital Opportunity Fund program, which has provided more than $1. 3 billion to the ISP to reach over 643,000 homes and businesses in Florida that are still without the internet connection. Furthermore, the Florida Broadband Opportunity Program enhances broadband through state funding that goes towards public-private service partnerships and infrastructure development. Florida also provides municipal broadband networks and electric co-ops, to take advantage of current structure to deliver broadband to the society. Recent state and federal funding sources for both wired and wireless broadband are intended to further grow and expand broadband competition and access across Florida. Stable internet connection is crucial in providing education services, healthcare services, business and services in the agricultural sector in the state. Digitization addresses the digital divide as the state strives to ensure that all residents are connected to the internet.

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