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FirstLight Internet, which was founded in Albany, New York, is one of the fiber optic internet service providers. FirstLight is a fiber Internet service provider established in 1999 that delivers fast Internet connection to peoples’ homes and companies situated in the Northeast region. FirstLight has more than 14,100 route miles of fiber optic cables, which means that it will offer up to 10Gbps to the consumers affording businesses higher speeds than the residents. Taking into consideration the key factors related to telecommunications services, it is possible to note that FirstLight distinguishes from other providers through the commitment to the provision of high-quality services that meet the needs of the customers and the focus on the development of a highly reliable network infrastructure. Due to the Fiber network which is wholly owned and operated by the company, the company wants to offer constant speed without any interruption or reduction in speeds. FirstLight also focuses on highly trained and local support instead of using reporting to call centers as many other Internet service providers do. FirstLight Internet, New York’s leader in providing high-speed fiber connections, now delivers the latest technology to every city, town, and region in New York, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Through the various packages that have been made available depending on the bandwidth offered, FirstLight seeks to ensure that their customer is connected with fast internet that is necessary for work, entertainment, and even in smart homes. As the world shifts to embrace newer technologies in the provision of their services, this northeastern ISP wants to transform its network to guarantee it offers its clients the best fiber optic internet in the market.

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