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Fatbeam is an ISP that specializes in providing broadband services to the regional market of the Pacific Northwest in the United States of America. Launched in 2000, Fatbeam assists companies in getting fiber internet connectivity to transmit heavy amounts of data on a business’s network in a fast and efficient manner. Fatbeam could boast its own fiber optic network that covers more than 2,000 route miles within Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Based on the company’s internal infrastructure as opposed to renting from third parties, Fatbeam can deliver improved reliability and has more leeway on where to optimize for optimal availability and speed. It is constructed with a proprietary fiber network, designed to the standards of an enterprise so that increased redundancy and failover protection are achievable. With products such as dedicated and distributed access fiber with connection speeds up to 100 Gbps, Fatbeam is suitable for organizations that need high bandwidth like data centers, government bodies, hospitals, school districts, and many more. It also offers services for network and security, load balancing, WAN optimization, and SD-wan primarily for business. Fatbeam being an organization that is focused on meeting the increasing demand for fast and reliable connectivity in the region engages in the expansion of its regional fiber optic network. The organization’s main business model is to act as a strategic partner to large and mid-size organizations, which require high bandwidth connectivity for their mission-critical applications across the Northwest.

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