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Falcon Internet is a regional Internet, phone, and TV Company that was established in 2019 and offers fiber-optic Internet connection to homes and businesses. Falcon Internet is a start-up Internet Service Provider based in Dallas Texas currently offering its services to more than ten cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Falcon boasts of supplying social access to the internet and also good customer relations. They provide internet connection at a speed of 1Gbps but with no limit on the amount of data, or on the speed at which the data is supplied to the customers. This fiber optic network is not an afterthought; it is designed with performance and scalability to its name. Every client is provided with a professional and friendly installation by Falcon’s skilled installers who understand the products. In the services category, the company is involved in the provision of Phone over IP home phone service and offers unlimited home calling within the country. Their TV service includes several hundred HD channels and provides customers complete control with contour TV, an app. Other subsidiary services include managed WiFi, network security, and online backup solutions. As a start-up company with competitive prices, fast connection speeds, and customer services the firm’s Falcon Internet intends to challenge the dominance of the major cable providers in Dallas-Fort Worth. It is evidenced by their sustained growth in the current year, and it depicts their willingness to extend choice and better broadband to more areas in the region. Falcon, recognizing itself as a local provider, aims to be the leading fiber optic provider in the North Texas region.

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