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Evenlink Internet is a local Internet Service Provider I am based on the region that deals with provision of fiber optic internet connection. Evenlink is an independent ISP based in Houston, Texas which was established in 2005; it has expanded to become one of the largest ISPs in this state. Evenlink owns and has constructed its network of fiber optics and can offer its clients different internet connection rates, including 1 Gbps – some of the highest rates available. This is the package it provides for users, both home and commercial, and has other packages for phone and TV services as well. When it comes to Evenlink there are no limitations in the amount of data traffic – no data caps and there are no contracts for an indefinite period of time. To begin with, Evenlink was established with its own local customer service department and network operation center, which means that customers can have connection and support that is reliable. The company has built a favorable image, first and foremost, due to its rather low prices and adherence to the principles of net neutrality. Evenlink also takes proactive measures for the availability of high-speed fiber internet connections in the areas of Houston and other regions that have limited access to the internet fiber. Evenlink is an experienced regional ISP with its own enhanced network and it has turned into a quite appealing option for many customers who seek to get connected.

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