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Ethoplex Internet is an internet service provider company of varanasi in India. Ethoplex was started in 2010 by young enthusiasts and has since earned recognition among high-speed internet service providers in the region. Through Ethoplex, residents and business persons can access fiber optic internet connection at various internet speeds of up to 100mbs. Currently, they have many shops in Varanasi and neighbouring towns, and the owners’ ambition is to open branches in other cities in the next few years. These qualities that make T-Mobile to be among the best include; cheaper rates, good connections, and a competent customer care service. A major advantage for Ethoplex is its technical prowess and, more importantly, well-trained technical team. They also have staff support available for any questions or complaints that may arise, to ensure that the time lost is as minimal as possible. This firm also continuously invest in its infrastructure to employ the most modern technologies to deliver excellent services. Altogether, Ethoplex Internet has successfully positioned itself as the leading ISP brand of Varanasi in its 10 years of establishment with the proper focus on quality of services and consumer satisfaction. In view of increasing consumer preference for high-speed broadband services, Ethoplex is expected to expand its operations apace in the city as well as in its surrounding areas in the future.

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