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Etheric Networks is a startup company which has set its mission on affordable internet at high speed via the etheric network technology. The company is a start-up firm established in 2021 by a group of engineers and technology enthusiasts, who felt the need for a company that offers affordable internet services in their locality. Etheric Networks is a technology firm that has employed a decentralized mesh network that connects users using radio nodes positioned on roofs and poles. The nodes are also without cables and transmit info to other nodes in a single network of access points. This does away with the need for laying costly fiber optic cables or satellite links and offers an opportunity for an additional link in cases where a node is down. Interestingly, Etheric Networks has been able to shave down its infrastructure costs significantly and offer internet speeds that are as fast as, if not even faster than, fiber connections but at a considerably lower price. Consumers can buy cheap radio nodes from the firm and become part of a broader, autonomous network, to gain internet connections. Therefore, increases in the number of nodes imply improvements in connectivity and speeds in an area. The organisation Etheric Networks where they plan to decentralise internet and make the control over networks to communities. Having seen early success as a startup, the company seeks to deploy its etheric network technology in order to offer thousands of under-connected homes and businesses.

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