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ERF Wireless is a company that offers Internet connection including high-speed wireless Internet service. This wireless network uses fixed wireless technology that enables them to give broadband quality connections to areas not covered by DSL and cable internet connection services or where such services are not steady. As a wireless Internet service provider, ERF Wireless transmits wireless signals to the customer’s premises through towers and tall buildings with modern radio equipment. Customers are offered ·Small antennas and ·Radios to access the wireless network. This ensures that they can have what they refer to as real internet speeds, which are as fast as fiber or cable modem internet speeds, albeit through wireless connections. The advantages of Internet Service through ERF Wireless include the following: It offers high speeds in rural areas that do not have physical wired connections; installation is easy as there is no need to lay cables to the customers’ houses; and it is relatively cheap compared to satellite Internet service. It enables streaming, gaming, and video calls and can accommodate several users without lagging from its network. Serving over two decades in developing wireless networks, ERF Wireless is now extending its network range to connect more rural areas to broadband internet. This wireless technology and experience enable them to close the digital gap that is prevalent to most rural Americans who cannot access wired solutions. In the growing trend of work-from-home and distance learning, ERF Wireless provides a wireless connectivity solution for productivity and information.

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