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Elevate ConnX Internet is a broadband service provider that has its operations in rural settings within the Midwestern region. Established in 2019, Elevate ConnX has a noble cause of providing internet services to those areas that are still unknown to the internet services providers fully. Fixed wireless broadband over a proprietary network allows Elevate ConnX to offer downloads of 100Mbps without the use of cables. Daily, their service extends to over 15,000 homes in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. The installation is also fast and can be done by techs installing an antenna on your roof linked directly to the Elevate ConnX towers situated up to twenty miles away. An Elevate ConnX spokesperson said, “We aim to offer rural people with fast and modern Internet connection at reasonable prices. The slow DSL and irregular satellite Internet are not the only options for rural Americans anymore since our network helps users bridge the urban-rural gap for farmers, small businesses, students, and others. ” Pricing and Packages: Basic packages begin with the $49. 99 per month that comes with 25Mbps. Elevate ConnX also includes phone bundles with calls to all networks included in the price. Elevate ConnX has the potential to improve local customer service for communities in the Midwestern region because it does not require consumers to sign long-term contracts or pay for data limits. It expects its fortunes in the wireless network domain to grow in the subsequent years.

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