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The Eastern Time Internet could therefore be described as the Internet location in the North American time zone that uses either Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Time. This geographical area encompasses some parts of Canada and the eastern part of the United States of America. Relative to Eastern Standard Time, the time in this region is 5 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Eastern Daylight Time is thus 4 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time during the daylight saving period in the summer months. So, you have identified that the Eastern time zone is following Eastern Daylight Time, and it is going to continue until November 6, 2022. Those residing in the Eastern time region should be aware of this time difference, especially when making arrangements or speaking with individuals in another time zone. For instance, eastern standard time is three hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time. Hence, if you are having a conference call at 9 AM in New York City, then the Los Angeles time will be 6 AM. Time zones are important to note so that one can easily arrange meetings, telephone conferences, IM, or chat, as well as organize a business trip. Time zone differences have been an issue of concern in the past, but with the increased use of the Internet and other digital technologies, the effect is minimized. However, there are cases when it is still important to distinguish between Eastern Standard Time, Greenwich Mean Time, and Pacific Time in order to communicate and plan a schedule properly. In sum, the Eastern Time region continues to be a significant economic and population density area on the North American and global map.

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