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Double Dog Communications is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company located in the Midwestern United States, which provides services to rural areas. Launched in 2008 by four friends who had trouble with a slow dial-up connection in their community, Double Dog aims to provide high-speed broadband connection to people with limited access to the internet. With fixed wireless and fiber connections, Double Dog independently constructs networks for each area depending on the geography and the population in the territories it operates in. Wireless towers of their company allow connections at a speed of up to 30 Mbps, and their fiber optics allow connection at speeds of up to 1 Gbps – as is the case with large cities. What makes Double Dog more exceptional, however, is their dedication to customers in isolated regions that most other massive suppliers do not even address. They comprehend the disappointment of those who reside beyond the cable or DSL reach and their work is to eradicate internet injustice. And when it comes to customer relations, no other company can compete: real people are available to answer calls at any time so you can stay connected. As for those not included in the digital divide, Double Dog Communications is an opportunity to break through to the connected world. Based on innovation and passion for connecting the most challenging intractable residents, Double Dog is effectively closing real gaps to deliver an internet connection to the rural residents that is vital for work, school, and life in the current world.

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