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DM Wireless, LLC is a regional internet service provider located in rural Wisconsin USA that has experienced significant growth and progress in recent years. Established back in 2005 and focusing on providing internet services especially to the regions that lack sufficient internet coverage, DM Wireless has been expanding in size consistently for over fifteen years. Offering both wireless broadband and fiber optic connections, the company offers high speed internet plans of up to 1 Gb for home and commercial use for Northern and Central Wisconsin region. The network infrastructure of their company enables them to provide constant connection speeds and nearly 100% service availability in the most remote areas. One of the main peculiarities of DM Wireless is its concentration on the local communities as an ISP and its dedication to individualized client service and assistance. As we discussed their large customer base for people who want responsive, knowledgeable technicians and customer service agents; DM Wireless can keep their customer satisfaction rates high every year. With the increase in bandwidth demands over the internet, DM Wireless anticipates to open more stations and improve on the existing structures to meet the ever-growing customer needs. By taking calculated risks in technological advancements, this independently-owned Internet service provider has the goal of providing internet connection in rural Wisconsin for several decades. Pricing, fast speed and reliability; these essentials of connected life are offered by DM Wireless.

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