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Rockland-based DCR is an internet service provider that provides broadband fiber services to communities in the Rockland area in Maine. DCR was started in 2004, and it is dedicated to delivering Broadband connection to rural areas in the midcoast and northeast of Maine. DCR provides services on its fiber optic connection with download & upload speeds up to 1Gbps with no throttling or contracts. Their fiber network is flexible enough to increase to higher speeds in future as technology increases. DCR fiber incorporates advanced state-of-the-art equipment from premium vendors to provide low latency and speed regardless of peak hours. DCR is a Rockland based company that specializes in professional customer service from its staff of talented internet specialists. From installation of home networks to sorting through the problems that occur with connections, DCR tech support is always on call for Mainers 24/7 with a phone call. As part of its commitment, DCR also becomes involved in supporting sponsorships of local functions, non-profit organizations, schools and many more. providing fiber internet service accompanied by friendly and professional support, DCR is the most popular internet connection choice for many people and companies located in Midcoast Maine.

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