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DigitalPath Internet is one of the most prominent regional ISPs developed in 2005. Based in Springfield, DigitalPath provides broadband fiber optics internet solutions, telephone connections, cable television to more than fifty thousand residents and business establishments within the Tri-County region. Through its advanced fiber optic infrastructure connectivity, DigitalPath delivers connectivity up to a gigabit per second, some of the fastest around. This means customers can use VoIP, Skype, Netflix, and download music, videos, and applications without worrying about data limits or their connection being slowed down. DigitalPath also offers managed WiFi service, which means that the company not only set up but also ensures that the WiFi connection in a particular home is as fast and stable as possible. Specifically for businesses, DigitalPath offers cutting edge business connectivity that is made to solve specific problems. These comprise of FO connections between offices, remote access VPN connection, and dedicated internet connectivity. DigitalPath offers business networks to be monitored 24/7, and comes with professional installation and support to free up time for the day-to-day management of the business. DigitalPath has affirmed its mission to provide subversive next-generation services through a dependable and growing network, thereby positioning itself for further growth as the leading local internet and technology provider among the communities it targets.

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