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Delmarva WiFi is a company that offers internet services to businesses and residents in the Delmarva region in a very efficient manner. Our fiber optic network offers up to 1 GB of download speed, high video/photo/image quality, and no more than 30 ms of delay for online gaming. Whether you are using the internet for work or business from home, studying online, or streaming movies at home, Delmarva WiFi has the right plan for you. It means that you stay in touch with your friends, relatives, and colleagues 24/7, enjoying up to 99.99% uptime on our network. Our fibre connection's low latency means that when you’re streaming or gaming, you won’t be frustrated with buffering. We also provide ultra-affordable whole-home mesh WiFi to ensure that there are no dead zones in your house for weak signals. In our company, we have been serving Delmarva for over 10 years, and we are dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our technicians are well experienced in the installation and support services that you require the moment that you call on them. We also have more freed up month to month plans without committing to any long term contracts or early termination fees. Having contracted with Delmarva WiFi, clients are provided with fast and affordable Internet connection that starts at $49 per month. Give us a call today to find out more about home internet service or business services that are specifically tailored for the Delmarva area. We want to make the internet accessible to you – affordable, fast, and always on.

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