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Dakota Carrier Network (DCN) is a regional ISP that provides Internet connection at high speeds to the region of North and South Dakota. It was established in 1994 in Sioux Falls, and since then, it has expanded its services and currently is the largest independent internet provider in the Dakotas with over 50 000 customers both residential and commercial. The different technology that is used to offer internet includes DSL, cable, fiber optic, and fixed wireless technology. Their fiber optic connection provide internet connection that provides gigabit download and upload in some cities while their DSL/Cable internet provides connection up to 100Mbs. DCN also provides data only plans, where there are no restrictions on data usage and charges for exceeding a certain amount of data usage are not applicable. Besides internet, DCN offers business telecommunication solutions, security services, web hosting solutions, email hosting solutions, and cloud data backup solutions. It has improved its network facilities and reliability and has multiple connections of the backbone and network is constantly monitored around the clock. DCN currently offers friendly customer relations, relatively cheaper service offerings and continual network improvement to become the leading Regional broadband provider for both the urban and rural customers in the Dakotas. This combination puts them in a vantage point in terms of providing high-speed internet for individuals in the urban and as well as rural areas.

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  • Fiber

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