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This internet service provider company offers internet service to communities in eastern Tennessee known as Cumberland Connect Internet. Cumberland Connect was started in the year 2005 by a group of technophiles resident in Cumberland, and the main goal of this organization was to ensure that residents of Cumberland and other rural areas have an opportunity to access internet connection at a cheaper and faster price than they had ever had before. High-speed fiber optic cables have continued to spread across the Cumberland Connect and hence they can provide internet connection with the fastest speed of 1Gbps to the households and other commercial entities in towns such as Crossville, Jamestown, Rockwood, and other towns. They have several residential options ranging from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps, and unlike some of the other vendors, they do not limit data usage or tie customers into long-term contracts. For businesses, Cumberland Connect currently offers dedicated fiber internet with customizable speeds from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Their business strategies also entail working with clients to provide them with personal support and service level agreements on top of extra services such as backup, hosted VoIP phones, and much more. Cumberland Connect understands the importance of supporting society through giving back since it is a local company. For the past 15+ years, they have donated to local schools, offered scholarships, partnered with economic development councils to bring businesses into their rural service area, as well as worked to provide access to and support technology use in their service area. They are even attempting to narrow the digital divide between the urban and the rural, through their provision of fast and dependable broadband connections.

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