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Cross Telephone Internet (CTI) is a regional telecommunications company that supplies phone, Internet, and cable TV services to customers across rural Midwestern states. Launched in 1998 by Mark Cross, CTI initially focused on the provision of cheap and stable voice connectivity over fiber-optic, supported by smaller towns that were still using copper line connections from older telcos. In the following years, CTI has grown and aimed at providing communication services such as high speed broadband internet access as well as satellite TV service with phone connection services. CTI takes pride of its customer friendly approach and local staffing since technicians and call center operators are hired locally in areas it operates in. Other large telcos have sought to fold rural assets into their consolidated networks to achieve economies of scale, but CTI has remained nimble to address the specialized rural broadband demands of millions of U. S. citizens. Today, at CTI, one can find advanced communication solutions such as VoIP phone connection and packages, as well as symmetrical fiber internet, capable of providing both upload and download speeds of up to 1 Gbps. CTI fiber now runs to more than 100,000 homes and businesses, mainly in rural areas of the Midwest, that would possibly not acquire efficient broadband connection without the firm’s services. But CTI has garnered customer affection by providing the Heartland’s small-town residents with the tools they need for the modern digital existence that Dot was able to build just barely.

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