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This is a prepaid wireless service provider company established in the United States of America with affiliation to AT&T. Internet data packages being the most researched Cricket has been able to provide customers with cheap and versatile packages. Their main limited data plan is offered at $30 per month and offers unlimited talk, text, and data usage, with maximum speeds of up to 8 Mbps. However, for $40 per month, you can access their unlimited more plan that provides users with an unlimited data usage at the speeds of up to 15Mbps, which is sufficient for regular usage of the internet, including streaming. For the customers, who require higher speeds, Cricket Wireless also provides an unlimited max plan for $50 per month, with high speeds of up to 60 Mbps, allowing for seamless streaming of HD content and fast downloads. This feature goes along with all Cricket plans and allows for unlimited talk and texting to both Mexico and Canada. There is still some compromise, for instance, the quota available for video streaming is limited to 480p for the unlimited plan and 1080p for the paid plans. In conclusion, Cricket Wireless offers an affordable package for cell phone and mobile data, particularly, for those seeking an unlimited package at an affordable price. Since they operate in America and use the coverage of AT&T, Cricket has the ability to cater for most users needs.

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