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Coba Systems Internet is one of the emerging Internet service providers situated in Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 2005 by IT experts, this company has the vision of delivering fast, reliable, and relatively cheap Internet connections to the population of Indonesia. Since its inception 15 years ago, Coba Systems has expanded greatly and is now among the leading ISPs in the nation. The company now has more than 5 million residential and commercial users. Coba Systems provides its clients with several internet packages that have internet speeds up to one gigabyte per second, with the help of fiber optic and wireless connections. It has also invested a lot of capital in the network, data centers, and customer service departments in a bid to enhance service reliability and accessibility. Another is that Coba Systems’ offers fairly priced and lewd subscription options for many of its potential clients. It also often includes good sale promotions and discounts that cannot be considered a disadvantage. In addition to the basic internet services, Coba Systems offers specific services such as email, web hosting, storage, and even IPTV where customers need them. Coba Systems has the vision of making internet service accessible and available to every home and business in Indonesia, and hence, the company is continuously working to increase its coverage and bandwidth in Indonesia every year.

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