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Cloudnet Inc. is an American based company, which is an internet service provider and was established in the year 2005 with its head office in Chicago Illinois. The company offers broadband service over fiber optic connectivity to customers in homes and businesses in Midwest states. Cloudnet boasts of having served over 250,000 customer and prioritizes on the provision of reliable connections and timely customer care. They have internet packages for their clients and these include high internet speeds of up to 1Gbps as well as other features like fast download, smooth streaming and no lag in gaming. Cloudnet stands out for its attention to security and confidentiality with their network. They incorporate the latest security standards in the protection of customers’ data and in mitigating hacking incidences. It also does not monitor browsing data as a policy that is implemented in this company does not allow any tracking to occur. Furthermore, Cloudnet does get into contact with the Midwest region in a big way. They support local communities by funding events, are putting Wi-Fi terminals in public areas free of charge, and have student/senior discounted internet tariffs. They, for instance, some of their technicians offer their services to conduct digital literacy classes as well. Cloudnet Inc. has been providing internet services across a significant part of the Midwest region for the last fifteen years and they offer service at competitive, affordable rates, with extremely high speeds, efficient security, and more importantly, they engage the community. The company will also plan to expand and upgrade the existing network and will serve customers in the best possible manner.

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